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Interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider - May 10/15
"We are living in an un-Christian society, in a new paganism. The temptation today for the clergy is to adapt to the new world to the new paganism, to be collaborationists. We are in a similar situation to the first centuries, when the majority of the society was pagan, and Christianity was discriminated against."
Read the full interview here.
Una Voce Canada Logo New Latin Masses in the diocese of Peterborough - Apr. 9/15
Peterborough Diocese gets Latin Mass every Sunday
Two parish priests are offering the Extraordinary Form of the Mass at 12:30 PM.
On the first and last Sunday of every month the mass is said at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish in Otonabee, Ontario, just outside of Peterborough and on every other Sunday, at the same time at the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish in Campbellford, Ontario

Keith Phillips' Book is now available as aPDF e-book - Feb 26/15
Truth Is What We Are Seeking
Keith Phillips' book "Truth Is What We Are Seeking" is now available for reading and/or downloading as an e-book in PDF format from the Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing press.
Keith is a member of the VTMS and has also written a small booklet for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament called "Praises, Prayers and Petitions", available at the following link or can be ordered through any book store.-"Praises, Prayers and Petitions"

New Latin Mass in the Diocese of St. Paul - Jan 19/15
Sunday Mass in St. Vincent, AB
As of January 1, 2015 Fr. David Bernard will be celebrating the EF mass in the re-opened church at St. Vincent, just 20 minutes north of St. Paul, 1:45 hours from Lloydminster and 30 minutes from Bonnyville. Diocesan Announcement
See Map

The Roman Forum - Twenty-Third Gardone Riviera Summer Symposium - Nov 5/14
Gardone Riviera: Lake Garda, Italy - June 29th.- July 10th. 2015 (11 nights)

Una Voce Canada Logo Dr. Malloy's talk at the VTMS AGM on Sunday, Oct 5/14 - Oct 14/14
Una Voce Canada Logo Vancouver Traditional Mass Society Annual General Meeting on Sunday, Oct 5/14 - Sept 31/14

Dear Friends of the VTMS:

The Vancouver Traditional Mass Society will hold its annual general meeting on
Sunday, October 5, at
Holy Family Parish Hall,
4851 Beatrice Street,
Vancouver, BC

following the High Mass, which begins at 10:30 a.m.

Our guest speaker will be Dr. Christopher J. Malloy, Associate Professor of Theology at the Constantine College of Liberal Arts at the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas. The topic will be "Mary Co-Redemptrix".

To view or download a copy of the meeting announcement, please click here.

To download a membership application/renewal form, please click here.

The American Mirage A chapter by Dr. John Rao - Aug 3/14
The American Mirage - Pluralistic illusions.
Petition in support of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate (FFI) - Feb7/14

Dear Friends,

The Vancouver Traditional Mass Society (VTMS) together with
  Pro Missa Tridentina, from Germany,
  Una Voce Austria, from Austria,
  Ecclesia Dei Delft from the Netherlands and
  Ecclesia Dei Society of New Zealand
is initiating a worldwide petition drive beginning this Saturday.

Please chose the printable petition form in the desired language(s):
Printable Petition form - PDF (English)
Druckfassung der Petition - PDF (Deutsch/German)
Formulaire Publiable de la Petition - PDF (Français/French)
Formulario Stampabile de la Petizione - PDF (Italiano/Italian)
Formulario para impressão de petição - PDF (Portugese/Portuguese)
Formulario de petición imprimible- PDF (Español/Spanish)
Petitie voor de Franciscaner Broeders van de Onbevlekte - PDF (Dutch/NL)
The sheets can then be photocopied and/or scanned and e-mailed or posted to
the address on the petition or even to us here in Vancouver.
E-mail: VancouverVtms
These will all be presented to the Holy Father.

The petition is meant to address the ongoing situation with the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate (FFI) by seeking the intervention of the Holy Father Pope Francis.

Just a very brief background on the situation:

  • A few members of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate from the USA complained to Rome because the FFI were beginning to offer the Extraordinary Form of the Mass in more of their houses. This use was never offered exclusively and never forced on any priest;
  • This is very similar to the difficulties within the FSSP in 1999, initiated by a small number of members, when all traditional Catholics had to get involved to limit the damage to that organization;
  • An investigation was begun into the complaints of this small group of FFI friars, which consisted of a questionnaire to elicit information from all full FFI members, questions asking for responses based not on facts, but on opinions;
  • On the return of this questionnaire by a minority of the FFI members (calculations from reported statistical numbers indicate that only 47 of about the 350 Friars responded to the questionnaire) Fr. Fidenzio Volpi OFM Cap. was appointed by the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life to oversee the FFI in the capacity of Apostolic Commissioner. He immediately both removed the Superior and proceeded with severe measures, to radically change the character of this very successful religious order;
  • Fr. Volpi then prohibited any priest from the FFI from celebrating the EF Mass, including private Masses:
    • This immediately cancelled many Masses around the world for the laity which were being offered by the FFI;
    • The Friars were also told that they could then apply for permission to say the Extraordinary form of the Mass. It has subsequently been reported that such requests are in numerous instances being refused.

Our organizations maintain:

  • The penalties imposed are unjust and an abuse of power;
  • To require permission to offer the EF and to restrict priests to only saying the Ordinary form is against the established laws of the Church as stated in the motu proprio 'Summorum Pontificum' and the extensive clarifications in 'Universae Ecclesiae'. Since both forms of the Mass are on the same legal footing, every priest has the option of saying one or the other form without needing authorization from anyone;
  • The actions taken in regard to the FFI are scandalous to the laity worldwide, as the severity of the penalties and restrictions have not been followed by the public revelation of what was done to make these actions just.

There is also a trickle-down effect as those who dislike the spread of this Mass see this as an opportunity to attack and prohibit the Mass consequently the Mass at Santa Maria Maggiore which was said for over seven years was cancelled. The priest who said it simply being told that he could no longer do so. We all need to take action to not only stop the spread of this mindset but to right the wrongs and injustices involved.

The laity have also been deprived of these priests to continue saying the Masses which they offered with 33 being cancelled in Italy, a number in the USA and 7 in the Philippines. Some of these have since restarted but not by the FFI community.

What we are asking everyone to do including chapters and associated members is:

  • disseminate this petition far and wide on your blogs, websites Facebook anywhere you have a presence and to all your members;
  • keep it low key in your explanation simply stating that this petition will be forwarded to the Holy Father and it is an attempt to reverse or limit the damage being done to a very good organization the FFI and to restore not only their access to the EF form of the Mass but also to all those they serve;
  • all individuals are asked to print out copies and gather as many signatures as possible.

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